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~Returning your body back to it's natural state of bliss and flow~






This type of massage is flow-based and is meant to incorporate your *entire* body as a whole. It results in increased circulation (which helps release toxins and adhesions) and incredible relaxation. I have a gentle yet firm touch.

During this kind of massage I begin and end with sound! A flow I like to carry out is to begin with playing the frame drum up and down your body and then end with the crystal and brass bowls. Sometimes if I feel called and you're open to it, I sing to you and your muscles at the beginning, during or throughout the whole session!! I also may  feel called to sing to whatever part of your body is calling for my unique sound to help facilitate it's healing.
This type of massage revolves around you and exactly what YOU want. It's a way for you to practice asking for exactly what you want and then getting it! To the best of my ability at the time.



I really like to think of your body holistically, as a form that is affected everywhere physically, emotionally, and energetically.

On a physical level, everything in our body is interrelated. Often times when we feel a pain in our shoulder it can be pain stemming from something in our toe! When we activate and address the whole body, we encourage it to act as a whole, as it's meant to, and therefore heal as a whole. This is why I value including all of the body in my massage. My goal is to relax your whole body and allow it the ease necessary to self heal and recover. My goal is to also help increase blood circulation to amp all necessary systems in the body, release toxins, and lessen adhesions.

Similarly, often physical manifestations in our body are related to our emotional and energetic state. If we allow ourselves to be, we are naturally very energetically and emotionally sensitive beings. We easily take on energy that isn't ours, energy from other people or places or things (like cars, gas, toxins) and also hold stuck emotional energy and trauma in our bodies. As I'm working on you I actively facilitate the release of energy and emotions that are no longer serving you while having the intention of restoring your energy back to it's most supportive, continuous state.

My massage is very flow based with the intention of love, ease, and restoration. I also like to include the elements (earth, wind, fire, water) in my massage and draw from them to help facilitate your healing. I also adjust my quality of touch to your specific preferences. Check out my testimonials under "Testimonials" for what other people are saying.

If this sounds appealing to you, click "Book An Appointment" and I look forward to seeing you in session.




*in-calls and out-calls!*

Email: cymariegiordano@gmail.com
Tel:  650-504-0700


10:00 AM - 8:00 PM

Monday - Saturday


10:00 AM - 6:00 PM


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